What is the difference between free and paid antivirus?

There are lots of antivirus software present in the market these days. Some of these Software are free and some of them are paid. The major difference between the two is that the free antivirus offers you the most basic features in the meanwhile if we talk about the paid antivirus, they come up with the advanced features. These features can differ from company to company. If you wants to keep your data and personal information completely safe and encrypted, we recommend you to use paid antivirus.

Antivirus is a type of program software which is used on devices such as computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc. It is the software that detects and protects those devices from malicious software, viruses and their threats, which include worm, malware, trojan spyware, ransomware, adware, etc. It is the antivirus that scans the device for the viruses and notifies the user in case of any kind of breach or a virus attack. Depending on the Antivirus and on the condition like whether it is free or paid, it can do all of the above-mentioned things or can only do some of them. www.norton.com/setup

For a regular user to use the free antivirus will be good to some extent, but if you have the critical, personal or any kind of sensitive information in your device, it will be the best if you invest in the paid ones.

Comparing Paid and Free Antivirus:

Free Antivirus software:

  • Usually, this software is available free in the market. Anyone can download and install them without paying for it. Only basic features will be included in it.
  • Protection from the threats is minimum. (norton.com/setup)
  • Some of the basic features such as scanning for viruses in the device and to notify the user about those viruses are included, varying from company to company.
  • One can use it if only they don’t have any sensitive or critical information stored in the device that may need advanced protection.
  • These free Antivirus software often have some kind of advertisement from the company who had developed it.
  • There is no technical support for free antivirus.
  • Customer support is always basic.

Paid Antivirus Software:

  • In paid antivirus a user has to pay for the services and features included in it.
  • The payment fee could either be one time, monthly or maybe annually depending upon the pricing and plans set by the company.
  • It consists more improved and demanded features than that of a free antivirus software.
  • Protection from the threats is much advanced.
  • Some advanced security features which include firewalls, system performance tool, identity theft features and parental controls are present in paid Antivirus software.
  • We suggest you to use the paid Antivirus software, if you have any personal, sensitive and critical information such as your identity, banking, business information or anything that can be damaged when your device gets compromised.
  • In the paid version of Antivirus, there usually have no advertisements but a company can send some notifications regarding the updates in future.
  • For paid versions of Antivirus Technical Support is always provided.

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