What is a VPN? and how does it makes a difference in using the Internet?

Software that can help you to surf the internet privately are known as VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software service that can hide your online activities by routing through a server. In this software, you can change your locations virtually throughout the globe and hence can help you hide your information from the people around you. VPN is the software that encrypts your data, and none of your ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will be able to see it. This encrypted data goes through VPN servers to your virtual online location. This online destination or the location track your data from the virtual servers and its location which means that your computer and your real location will always be hidden. VPNs are mostly used to visit the websites that have been blocked by your Internet Service Providers due to any reason. By using VPN the site that you are trying to reach treats the VPN server as the traffic from the origin itself and not you. Your computer and you won’t be identified not even the activities you do such as what websites you visit or what data you transfer. It the VPN by which no one will see what data you will transfer as the data will be encrypted only that encrypted information will be seen not the original one.

How safe is it?

Using VPN may help you surf the internet without any limitations but all of the data of yours is out to open in there, so any other interested party or we can say people may peek in to see what you are sending. Its a very good software as you will be able to surf everything but when it comes to your privacy it may not be that great. Like in the sensitive cases which include online banking, your business emails or anything else that is confidential, there will be a different story. It is obvious that VPN can change your location virtually but there might be the case wherein people interested in you can seek into your information.

Norton Secure VPN:

Norton had its own VPN which is available for its customers and comes up with a lot of features related to your security. If you are using a public WiFi Norton secure VPN does the encryption of the data that you send.

Norton.com/setup VPN ensures you the safety while browsing internet where in other VPNs might not. You can check your email accounts, use your Social Network accounts and even pay bills that too remaining hidden from them while using them on the public connection (WiFi) and that is something Norton ensures you.

Some of the key features of Norton’s secure VPN:

  • Protection of your privacy as it encrypts the data.
  • Enjoy Freedom of using your favorite apps and websites.
  • Norton Secure VPN blocks all of the tracking technologies present on the network.
  • Norton Secure VPN ensures the safety and security of your information while using public WiFi.

System Requirements for Norton Secure VPN:

For windows:

  • All versions of Windows 7, having SP1 or later
  • All versions of Windows 8/8.1
  • All of the versions of Windows 10, excluding Windows 10 S

For MAC:

  • From previous two versions to the current version of Mac OS X

For Android devices:

  • Android 4.4 or later

For iOS devices:

  • From previous two versions to the current version of Apple iOS for iPhones and iPads.

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