Antivirus is a program software which scans the files and compares each bit of code against the data or we can say information in its database, and if it captures a duplicate pattern in the database, it is called or said to be a virus, and antivirus is the only program that deletes or will quarantine that Particular infected file.

How the antivirus detects virus:

All of the program files that are present or will enter a system undergoes through the antivirus scan. Those files that do not match the pattern are listed as viruses and others pass through HIPS(Host Instruction Prevention System). In HIPS all of the clean and known files are allowed to enter and will run mean while the unknown files, whether they are good or bad are redirected to Defense + Sandbox. They will run only in the restricted environment. If in case the user allows some files to be good, they get white-listed, while others remain in Sandbox.

Advantages of Antivirus:

•             Real-Time Scan

•             Quick Scan

•             Full System Scans

•             Safe Browsing

Real-Time Scan:

Real-time scan helps the user to scan all types of files that he will open, create or copy. It is also known as Background Scanning as it uses to run in the background and if this scan finds any infected file or malicious attack then it pulls up the message on the screen of the user regarding that particular file/attack.

Quick Scan:

By default, an Antivirus runs a scan whenever a user turns on the computer and this scan is known as Quick Scan. Most of the antiviruses come with this feature to run a quick scan whenever a user wants to check the computer.

Full System Scan:

Full system scan is done manually by the user, like whenever the user finds any kind of the virus attack on his computer, there is the feature by which he can scan the whole computer known as Full System Scan. In this scan, an antivirus scans all of the information (drives, folders, files.) present on the user’s System.

Safe Browsing:

Nowadays there is a feature in the antiviruses that they use to provide safe browsing modes by which an antivirus will block all of the malicious websites and links present in that website to stop the malicious attacks on the user’s computer.

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