The reason behind the lag of Laptops and PCs?

If in case you will find the sudden freezes and unresponsive turnings of your PC, then it’s the time that you need to get through the checkup of your system. All you have to do is to identify the cause of this issue and to detect whether its software or hardware which is responsible for this lag and the freeze of your system. You can get the better resolution by identifying the appropriate and the actual reason behind it. (

These freeze issues can be categorized into the following Single app freeze, Hang, Generic Freeze, and Random Hang.

  • If your computer hangs up while performing some specific activities and you need to restart it to recover. This issue is known as the Hang.
  • Whenever your system become unresponsive at regular intervals of time that means it hangs up frequently. Then this issue is known as the Random Hang.
  • When your computer becomes unresponsive and automatically gets its normal state without doing any kind of troubleshooting. This issue is known as Generic Freeze issue.
  • Whenever you start a specific program or a game or even a heavy browsing website and you will face the freezing of your system abnormally. This issue is known as Single-app Freeze.

There could be many reasons for the lag of the computer system including PC and Mac and the most common reasons are given below. They could be Hardware as well as the Software.

  • Too Many Apps Running At The Same Time:

The applications you open on your computer system always take some of the internal and external (computer hardware) resources to run. If you open multiple apps and programs on your System, it may work slow as the applications that are running uses some memory of your system. In case to avoid it, run a single app or a program at a time so that you will make it sure that your system won’t freeze due to the running of multiple apps at the same time.

  • Issues with the Drivers:

Other reason for the lag or freeze issues of the system could be the damaged or the usage of outdated drivers. Take an example, if you have not updated the video drivers of your system, it is the possibility that the system may freeze or lag while playing any video or a game.

Make it a habit to check with the system drivers like video, network, audio, etc and keep them updated.

  • Issues with the Operating System:

Make sure that you are using a legal copy of the Operating System, and you have updated it. Just to make it ensure that the freezing issue won’t be because of the operating system.

  • Excess Heating up of your system:

Chances of the freezing of the computer increase when the processor of your computer system may get overheated. The symptoms of this issue are the abnormal noise on the startup. When you turn on your system you have to analyze and listen carefully to the sound that is generated by the fan. If the sound seems abnormal that means that the processor gets heated up and could cause the system freezes.

  • Hardware Misconfiguration:

Another major reason behind the freezing and lagging of the system could be the misconfiguration of the hardware that you may have connected to it. If in case you have not properly configured the hardware of your system it may cause the freeze of your system. In order to avoid it make it sure that all of your hardware devices are connected in an appropriate manner and none of them are damaged or malfunctioned.

  • Insufficient RAM:

It’s your computer RAM that allows you to run multi programs on your system. Make it sure that the size of RAM is installed as per your needs. Like in case if you are using any high-end games or the applications where you are editing the videos or maybe simulating the software, in those cases the size of the RAM of your computer must be sufficient to fulfill all your needs. Installation of the small-sized RAM could cause the system freezes.

  • Power Supply Issues:

You need an effective amount of the power supply in order to deliver a sufficient amount of voltage to your system.

  • Hard Drive Malfunction:

Other reason for the system freeze issue could be the malfunctioning of the hard drive that you are using in your system. In most of the cases, your operating system will inform you about the errors or the malfunctioning of your hard drive. Make it sure that you don’t ignore those messages and resolve this issue as early as possible. You can even run a diagnostic scan and check the hard drive.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons and the factors, there could be other reasons that can cause the System Freeze.

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