Simple ways to secure your Wi-fi from Hackers.

For a hacker, it is much easy to get into your computer network when you are using a wireless connection than that of the wired connection. Wi-Fi could be much easier to be hacked if not been secured, so you need to be much concerned about the security of your wireless internet connection. Excluding the password, there are more security features to Wi-Fi connections. Learning these securities and applying them can help you to safeguard your computer network from these attackers. Here are some of the tips you can use to secure it.

  • You can use an inconspicuous network name

One of the basic Wi-Fi network settings is the (SSID) Service Set Identifier. One can think that the name of the network could compromise the network security, well it can. If you use a too common name for SSID, like Home, my Wi-Fi, wireless or any other name that has been set as a default by the network vendor, makes it easy for someone to crack your WPA or WPA 2 securities. The reason, those common or default SSIDs can be hacked easily is that on these SSIDs hackers can preload the password cracking dictionaries and the encryption algorithm which is incorporated on those SSIDs. Makes it an easy job for them to get into your network. These SSIDs can easily be identified, like if you the name of a company, address, personal names, etc so this cannot be the best idea too. You can make the name of your Wi-Fi network invisible too, by just turning off the SSID broadcast. It can save you somehow but it’s not even suggested.

  • You should remember the physical security.

Locking down the wiring of the Wi-Fi device is not enough, you should take care of the device to most of the Wi-Fi devices have the button to reset, And in case any of the people will get access to it, they can reset it, and hence all of the securities will be reset to the default, and can allow anyone to connect to your network.

  • Using Enterprise WAP2 with 802.1X authentication

Another beneficial security to Wi-Fi is you can use the Enterprise WAP2 with the 802.1X authentication as it authenticates every user individually. Wi-Fi username and password is something that everyone can have and in case the device which is connected to this network like the laptop or the mobile device is stolen or lost or any of your employees leave your company, the thing that you need to do is to change and revoke its particular user log-ins.

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