How secure are you while using browsers like Chrome Firefox etc?

We all know that there are a lot of browsers for a user to browse Internet such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. But how secure you actually depend upon the optimization of your browser setting. So using the Internet securely and privately one needs to take a critical step to it, as to optimize the browser’s security settings. Most of the browsers in today’s date come up with the built-in security features, but at the time of installation, some of the users often fail to optimize browsers security settings. Resulting in the higher risk of being attacked by the malware and its infections. As there is no guarantee of the complete protection from these threats and attacks the following given tips can help you to increase the security of your browsers –

For Google Chrome:

  • There is a feature in the Google Chrome which help you to enable the protection against phishing and malware. Under the privacy section of Google Chrome there is an option to enable this feature. The purpose of this feature is to aware you about the phishing and malware attack if you visit the site having these kind of risks.
  • Make it sure that you had turned off the instant search. For optimal security this feature should be turned off. No doubt this feature offers convenience in searching, but anything you type in the address bar will be sent instantly to Google.
  • Other feature that Google Chrome offers is the syncing of your passwords, which means all of your passwords and preferences will be stored and saved in the servers of Google. So in order to use your browser more securely make it sure that you don’t sync your account passwords. And in case if you want to sync make it sure that you had enabled the option of “Encrypt all synced data”.
  • Configuration of the content setting, under privacy section there is the options of the content settings, once you will be there do the following steps to optimize the security of your browser.
  • In your settings under cookies you will find two options in there, one will be “Keep local data only until i quit my browser” and other will be “Block third-party cookies and site data”. Make sure you had enabled those features just to ensure that the cookies will be deleted when you will close Google Chrome, so that advertisers won’t be able to track you using these cookies.
  • Make it sure that you had enabled the feature of not allowing the site to run JavaScript.
  • Make it sure that you don’t allow sites to show pop-ups, start using AdBlockers.
  • Make it sure that you had disabled the location feature, so that your location will be private to you.
  • In order to use Google chrome much securely, disable auto fill and make it sure that you had deselected the feature of chrome to save passwords. Doing this you will prevent Google Chrome from saving your personal information like your passwords and other information which is sensitive that you use to enter into the forms.

For Mozilla Firefox

You will find all of the below listed settings in the Option menu

  • Configuration of the privacy settings, take the following steps to ensure safe and secure browsing
    • Select custom settings under history.
    • Deselect the following features
    • Remember my browsing and download history
    • Remember Search and form history
    • Accept third party cookies
    • Make it sure you will set cookie storage to Keep until i close Firefox
    • Enable the feature of clear history when Firefox Closes
  • Configuration of security settings
    • Make it sure that you have deselected the feature “Remember passwords for sites”
  • Make sure that JavaScript is disabled
  • Block pop-up windows should be enabled in the settings of Firefox
  • Sync must be off
  • Automatic update should be turned on
  • Under Encryption tab make it sure that you have selected “Use SSL 3.0” and “TLS 1.0”

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