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What is Norton Antivirus?

As technology has developed further and further, people have been good with calculating risks in this modern world. The Internet is the most important aspects of a man's life nowadays. Accessing the internet to connect to others via social networking sites or commercial by posting your views about the same. As accessing the internet has been made so easy for us that we can do it just with a click of our fingers, but the dangers are also high. When we use any websites, blog pots, apps etc from over devices like PC, Mac's, Laptops etc, we don't know whether that particular website or app holds any malicious threat that can affect our devices and data i,e; our personal data gets in the hands of hackers, which includes our bank account numbers, debit card, and credit card details etc. Keeping these threats in mind The Symantec Corporation Launched there first ever Security Suite which provides complete in and out protection of your P.C, Mac, Laptop etc. 4 years ago The Symantec Corporation developed Norton Security, the complete package for personal firewall, email spam filtering and phishing protection. Later onward they further developed the software and came up against the internet threats with Norton Security. Norton Antivirus has been given many prestigious awards for its uniqueness against virus protection as it just not removes the virus but also completely deletes it from your device. The only purpose of Norton is to provide complete and still security against viruses and malicious threats. Norton has always been effective in customer handling and satisfaction, as not only the plans can be subjugated by any person but also it takes very low space from your devices.


It’s one of the various version of Norton internet security. What makes it different from the other versions is it was the complete suite for online security and provide optimized online security to your device. The basic system requirements for the following are Windows XP (IA-32 only), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux


Norton Setup can be easily downloaded from their official website Taken some of the following steps in mind you can easily download an install it. Norton Antivirus can be installed by purchasing the product key from the official website of Norton.

System Requirements

Norton security can run on Microsoft Windows 7,8, 8.1, 10 1(all versions) and as well as on Mac Operation system( 10.10,10.11,10.12,10.13,10.14x). It provides mobile protection via an app, through which you can now easily access the internet without getting your data stolen. As it can run on mobile having Android 4.3.0 or higher. For iOS devices, the company launched the version for iOS 8 or higher. 

Some useful Tips

Norton support

Customer support of Norton has been indulging over the years. Helping millions of customer over the past 4 years and still going on.

Norton antivirus

Norton has it all covered from system enhancement to Cybersecurity to give to complete protection to your Mac or windows. The Norton Security Suite has the complete package for you. so, never ever fall in the trap of virus and get any data fishing or else.

Norton helps you in tackling day to day challenges over the internet by not let the virus spread. Virus-like Trojan horse is one of the most dangerous viruses of all but it can easily delete from your device before it does any damage or spreads.

Norton com setup

Viruses can affect your device through many mediums like Pendrive, hard drives, CDs etc, as they are already affected. The Internet is one of the most common mediums through which viruses enter your devices and affect your data.

Norton install

The installation process requires the Norton product key which is written on the product bought from the shop. Enter the following at the tab of "ENTER PRODUCT KEY" and await it further instructions or simply call the customer executive.

There are two processes of installing the Norton antivirus product, you can purchase the product from any shop or through there official website

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Norton antivirus setup

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